Rent-A-Sign LED

Rent-A-Sign LED promotes your business for $33/day!

Designed by a successful retailer and “patent pending”,

LED Advertiser v2 can promote your LOCAL business for $33/day…


Can you bring 1 extra customer with it per day?

Rent-A-Sign LED is LOCAL advertising brings you business for $33/day
Rent-A-Sign LED is LOCAL advertising brings you business for $33/day 800-955-0505


  1. Based on availability of a LOCAL dealer, otherwise rent from our supplier (Now owned by same guy).
  2. LOCAL rates are discounted 75% from NATIONAL rates to support LOCAL business and to help our LOCAL dealer be very competitive.
  3. LOCAL gets UNLIMITED message changes and FREE advice!
  4. Can run on car battery.
    1. At this price, you have to pick up the sign and return it.
    2. Unit is dual sided full color.
    3. ALL TVJUMBO led signs are on portable trailers
    4. We only rent to credit approved businesses. See if you qualify
    5. To bypass credit check, pay $20,000 value which will be refunded minus the rental.
    6. If approved, you can rent at huge discounts ($33/day that’s 75% lower than NATIONAL)
    7. If you love it and want to keep it passed the rental period, then LEASE application is processed.
    8. Purchase price of this unit is about $375/month

    Interested? Call toll free 800-955-0505