Is X-Rated content on your LED sign a worry? It should be!

Is X-Rated content on your LED sign a worry? It should be!
Led signs operate by replaying what's on a computer screen, so you can't LOCK the computer. As an LED sign company this worried me a lot! So we hide the PC inside the signs… Honestly, it still worries me!

In my teen years it would have been the ultimate prank to put or say something naughty on these signs, anyway… I've worked for years to completely ELIMINATE the computer! Success at last in ADVERTISER v2.0 (pictured above) has no computer, see this video comparison I made for you this week 
Yes I have overcome this worry so we can sell these nationwide, here is how it works:

For rentals, we load all your message and pictures into a ROM FLASH and email it to you or give it to you on a USB drive that flashes the ROM. For purchased ADVERTISER v2 it comes with the flashing software and instructions come to by video!

Want one? Advertiser v2 was designed for Car Dealers and retailers and requires no permit from city hall because it is on trailer with a license plate!

Our No is bigger than City Halls No! The license plate loophole, use it!

Do you have plans to use LED Signs in your marketing mix? Nothing says and alerts LOCAL better than LED and ADVERTISER v2 was designed to be super easy, come learn more at 

p.s. Most LED signs can be upgraded to eliminate the computer, call us for a quote to upgrade yours!

Comparing the sign with and without computer, see which is better?

Led Sign comparison of ADVERTISER v2.0 with Car Wash LED Sign 800-955-0505 Are you

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