Billboard Outdoor Display Advertising vs. Led Screen Programmable Media Sign, which is better for booking…

Billboard Outdoor Display Advertising vs. Led Screen Programmable Media Sign, which is better for booking HOTEL ROOMS?

Advertising is an art but injects some sicence and tilts the game in your favor big time when it comes to booking hotel room vacancies, here is a comparison I learned called the "Ben Franklin" tequnique (explained below):


Led Sign ADVERTISER in front of your Hotel, Billboard is on the highway.
You will make more booking = More $ = More profit by booking empty rooms!
LED Sign lights up your entrance with dazzling array of gentle colors.
Extra Lights gives feeling of safety.
LEDSIGNZ is $377/month on leasing ( for details).
Billboards are very rigid, ADVERTISER can change daily.
Renting Billboard you own nothing, Leasing LED SIGN you own it investment.
You can try it (RENTAL) before you Investing in ownership, all 1st month rentals applied to price.
No city hall zoning permit required (this needs guts if you have a STUPID CITY HALL) but they are in violation of Hobbs Interference with Commerce anti Corruption act of 1951 if they try to stop you.
NO PERMIT of any kind as long as the message complies with CLEAR CHANNEL highway standards of 8 seconds at 70 MPH. If your road is slower, then accordingly!
Factory and support in Cleveland OHIO and we give 1 years full guarantee.
CONS (Disadvantages)

You will get busy and have to serve more customers. Your now idle staff may complain.
Your coupon, newspaper, local TV, even billboard company will not like you anymore.
Can you think of anymore?  Call me 216-475-9800
When the great American Ben Franklin (face on $100 bills) wanted to make a decision, he would draw 2 columns like above 1 for and 1 against and the decision was easily made for him by simply counting the Pros and Cons… Feel free to add few on either side to help you make the ownership descion of ADVERTISER v2 or call my (Amid the inventor) at 216-475-9800 if you got questions and start booking your hotel rooms today as NO PERMIT IS NEEDED, this sign sits on a license plated TRAILER and FEDERAL law overrides local zoning rules!

Billboard vs Led Digital programmable Screen Display Sign Advertising from c

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